Monday, August 30, 2010

Can't wait to serve the Lord even more!

So... did I mention that Elder Holland came and spoke to us last week? I'm sure I did- and my head is still reeling from hearing and feeling such power from an Apostle of the Lord. The moment he walked in... I was flooded over with memories and lessons I experienced and learned in Jerusalem... and that incredibly special night when he came to us in Jerusalem. SO great. Last night's devotional was given by... Richard I. Heaton! Remember the Heaton's- the mission president when I was little? His son Scott (who I SO clearly remember- it was so fun to see him) just returned from his mission in Japan and spoke first. It was way cool.
I received my finalized flight plans... and I will be going to Guatamala on 9/7- woohoooo!!! The rest of my district is going to the Peru training center this wed. so I will be the only left from my district.... SOOoo... I will then become a "solo sister"- and will be moved to another district. They decided to put me in a district that has been here 7+ weeks and is far more advanced in spanish... eek! It's good though- a total answer to prayer. They considered putting me in with a group that is a week behind me... and I didn't feel good about it. It's anticipated that when I get to Guatamala that I'll be with a native companion and one of the few white people there. ( I AM SO STOKED!) so... it's best to start pushing and emersing me in Spanish. I'll be with teamed up with a companionship of Elders for the next week until I leave... we will be together always. It will be far different than my sister companions that I have grown very fond of.
Speaking of leaving... I hope I can. My tonsilitis has come back.... despite the rigorous ABX that I finished like... 2 weeks ago? SOooo... I have a Dr. apt. for 4 this afternoon... my vote is to just get them taken out. I'm a little nervous that they'll just put me on ABX again... and it'll get worse and worse until I have to have surgery in a third world country. YIKES! My other anxiety is that it will postpone my travel plans and that I'll have to stay here the next 6 or 7 weeks... which wouldn't be the worse thing... but not my preference. BUT... who cares about my preference? It's whatever the Lord wants... and it will work out how it needs to and I'll be wherever I'm supposed to. :) I'm going to get a priesthood blessing after this.
Family and friends, is there anything/anyone specific I need to be praying for? I am already aware of some and have been earnestly praying for them... but if there are things I'm unaware of and can pray for... please- let me know. I love you all. I can already feel your prayers... and I have already seen miracles here. I still need your prayers... for this tonsilitis situation and for the gift of tongues. I know God hears and answers our prayers exactly how and when we need.
Love you all!

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