Monday, August 30, 2010

Can't wait to serve the Lord even more!

So... did I mention that Elder Holland came and spoke to us last week? I'm sure I did- and my head is still reeling from hearing and feeling such power from an Apostle of the Lord. The moment he walked in... I was flooded over with memories and lessons I experienced and learned in Jerusalem... and that incredibly special night when he came to us in Jerusalem. SO great. Last night's devotional was given by... Richard I. Heaton! Remember the Heaton's- the mission president when I was little? His son Scott (who I SO clearly remember- it was so fun to see him) just returned from his mission in Japan and spoke first. It was way cool.
I received my finalized flight plans... and I will be going to Guatamala on 9/7- woohoooo!!! The rest of my district is going to the Peru training center this wed. so I will be the only left from my district.... SOOoo... I will then become a "solo sister"- and will be moved to another district. They decided to put me in a district that has been here 7+ weeks and is far more advanced in spanish... eek! It's good though- a total answer to prayer. They considered putting me in with a group that is a week behind me... and I didn't feel good about it. It's anticipated that when I get to Guatamala that I'll be with a native companion and one of the few white people there. ( I AM SO STOKED!) so... it's best to start pushing and emersing me in Spanish. I'll be with teamed up with a companionship of Elders for the next week until I leave... we will be together always. It will be far different than my sister companions that I have grown very fond of.
Speaking of leaving... I hope I can. My tonsilitis has come back.... despite the rigorous ABX that I finished like... 2 weeks ago? SOooo... I have a Dr. apt. for 4 this afternoon... my vote is to just get them taken out. I'm a little nervous that they'll just put me on ABX again... and it'll get worse and worse until I have to have surgery in a third world country. YIKES! My other anxiety is that it will postpone my travel plans and that I'll have to stay here the next 6 or 7 weeks... which wouldn't be the worse thing... but not my preference. BUT... who cares about my preference? It's whatever the Lord wants... and it will work out how it needs to and I'll be wherever I'm supposed to. :) I'm going to get a priesthood blessing after this.
Family and friends, is there anything/anyone specific I need to be praying for? I am already aware of some and have been earnestly praying for them... but if there are things I'm unaware of and can pray for... please- let me know. I love you all. I can already feel your prayers... and I have already seen miracles here. I still need your prayers... for this tonsilitis situation and for the gift of tongues. I know God hears and answers our prayers exactly how and when we need.
Love you all!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Amazing week at the MTC

Another great week at the MTC.... just... doin' the whole training thing. I've certainly learned more about the gospel and my purpose as a missionary..... not so much of spanish... but the foundation is being laid. :)
I have seen Elder Murphy, Elder Fraiser (ALL the time I see him!), Adam Bahr, Erick Hollenbaugh (a FANTASTIC accident), Kyle Welch, and lots of random sisters from college. It's so fun and sweet to see them here.
Joel- I work with the Argentina missionaries a lot- they are GREAT- you will love them. :)
Morgan- to answer your question... I basically wake up and study, and study, and pray, and study the gospel some more.... and practice teaching lessons... practice some spanish... go to sleep, wake up and do it all over again.. and LOVE every moment of it. :)
It is more secure... but still tentative that I will be going to the Guatamala MTC on Sept. 7th. My whole district is going to the Peru MTC (they're all serving in either Peru or Ecuador- I'm the loner. ) on Sept. 1st.... so I will probably be a solo sister and have to tag along with another district for a week. I guess there was big miscommunication between various parties... and I wasn't supposed to be leaving here until the middle of October (so maybe I would have been with Joel? MAYBE the same zone? ).... which means I was accidently put in the Provo MTC way too early. Yet, I've heard from friends of missionaries that they don't have a mission nurse in El Salvador West right now and that it's becoming a bit of a situation... so maybe that's why I'm going early. I don't know- but it all happens for a reason- and I'm ready to roll with it. Even if it means having to stay here in Provo the whole 9 weeks- whatever the Lord wants!
I am SO sure that my companions were sent for me. Sister Grimes is SO humble and meek... she is cautious and pensive about everything she says and does. She is quiet, but when she says something- it's because she has something VERY meaningful to say- and it makes everyone drop silent and hang off of every word. She is the exact opposite of me. I love it. I am learning so much from them and am SO grateful that the Lord is allowing me this time with them.
I have met many missionaries from El Salvador and Guatamala that are here learning english to serve there missions here in the states- and they are the most joyous and openly loving people I have ever met. It makes me even MORE zealous to get out there and start serving and loving those beautiful children of God. I love the MTC. I miss the missionary work I was involved with at home... I often think I felt like much more of a missionary at home than I do right now and here surrounded by other missionaries (though we certainly teach and testify to each other)... but I love being a missionary and I love being here. I LOVE LOVE LOVE walking throughout the campus and hearing this chorus in perfect harmony of various languages at once- all testifying of Christ. I hear missionaries that are learning Finish or Chinese... Japanese, tagolog, Korean.... and they are already witnessing of Christ and speaking that language so beautifully so fast- truly the Lord is in charge of this work and is already working through these young people!!!
Welp... I love you all so much! You are always in my prayers. I would love to hear from you... anytime. DearElder works great... really fast and easy.... if you... ever wanna drop me a word or two? :)
Love for all eternity,
Hermana Clark

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kali 1st week in the MTC

"Lift up your heart and rejoice, for the hour of your mission is come" - D&C 31:3

I'm finally here! I have waited all my life... trying to prepare... and now I get to fully engross myself in what really matters!! I'm here in the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah to learn how to speak spanish, but most importantly- to learn how to be a true servant of the Lord.

I have two of the dearest companions- Sister Rogers from Utah and Sister Grimes from California. I am so excited that I get to have this time with TWO companions... that means I have TWO wonderful people to learn from... and even more help trying to find my way around. (Yes... I have NO sense of direction and it is terribly evident here. Oh well... should help with humility, right?) I am blown away by the MTC (Missionary Training Center) - there are about 2,600 missionaries training here from around the world that are being trained to be sent around the world!! I look at this sea of clean cut, pure, and sweet missionaries- mostly 19 year old young men- and marvel that such goodness and devotion is possible in our generation and in people so young. Every day walking down the halls and seeing the light of Christ radiate from the missionaries here is a testiment to me that the Atonement is real and that this truly is the fullness of the Lord's gospel. I get SO excited to think of the other 14 (I *think* there are 15 total MTCs around the world) MTCs full of missionaries just like those here that are uniting and humbling themselves to do the Lord's work. It's SO EXCITING!!!

A few matters of business. Andrew: In my district (the group of people I train with) - I am with an Elder Poston... who is Clark Poston from Greensboro, NC and he says he knows and VERY clearly and remembers the happy and inspiring Elder Clark. :) He sends his love and regard and speaks SO highly of the impact that you made in his ward, and to him as a young boy aspiring to serve a mission. :) Love you!
Joel: If you can find it.... read/watch/listen to Elder Holland's MTC address titled "Missions are Forever" - it will rock you. I look out at these Elders and beam with excitement to imagine you with them. I'm so excited for you to come. You will love it.

In my mission packet... it told me that I would be going to the MTC in Guatemala in 3 weeks... but when I got here... they were flustered and confused... and the information my Branch President has says that I'll be here 8-9 weeks... butta... we'll see what happens! The 3 weeks in Provo and then 6 weeks another MTC is a new experiment called "phase training"- everyone in my district is doing it. I'm the only one going to El Salvador in my district of 12 people- everyone else is going to Ecuador or Peru. I did come across a district all going to El Salvador West... and that was ridiculously exciting. I love my district so much. I feel like I have adopted 9 new little brothers (I mean that in a very respectful and in awe kind of way...) that I adore tremendously. They all have unique and special stories and events that led to them deciding to and being prepared to serve missions- and I LOVE IT! There is an Elder from Australia with us that has the most dynamic Spanish accent I've ever heard! ;)

I love being a missionary. I LOVE wearing my nametag- bearing and manifesting the two most important names to me. The sacred name of Jesus Christ and the honored name of Clark. There could be no greater honor for me.

I still feel like a baby missionary here... but that's ok. I love it. Love it all. I love being with young people again- especially those that are humble, happy, and are striving so dilligently to have the Spirit of the Lord with them. We've barely started working on Spanish... but of course it's going to be a lot of work and very trying. I know that is it possible- the power of the Lord is far too evident in my life and in this work to question the possibility of being able to become competent in the language- but my own worthiness for such a miracle is the task at hand. Please, pray for me... that I can be taught by the Spirit and be prepared for this great work.

I love you all so much!!!

Hermana Clark