Saturday, January 28, 2012


Wow! For true you all heard Elder Holland? I was hanging off of every word of your beautiful letters. What a sacred experience, huh?

It's makes me a little anxious to realize that it happened yet again right under my nose.... that another precious week has flown by. I'm learning that the only possible way to truly control time... is to use it. I've been reading and reflecting on the sweet works of Paul in his parting in 1 Thessalonians 2 and 3... his reflections on his service to the people... his joy in his labor, love of the members there, and his final exhortations. His desperate desire for them to just have faith, be obedient, and to "increase and abound in love on toward another".. as he had loved them. That is my greatest burning desire... is for the members here to love and take care of each other. Truly what we have been called to do here in Belize City... is what each and every member has covenanted to do ALL their lives with ALL that we have- to "bear one another's burdens". People keep referring to me "finishing my mission"... but it's entirely false. I'm SO incredibly grateful for these daily sacred wake up calls and hard lessons that have stirred within me a greater realization of what my covenants truly mean- and this "contract" did not have an 18 month expiration. I only wish for the members here to do what have have done unto them- love them. That's exactly what the Savior has asked of us all along, huh? How come it took so much to get me to get that?
I sit at night and look at our map... reflect on our huge and ever growing list of people to teach and strengthen... and I run through hundreds of memories and miracles... and my heart gets that familiar expanding and near exploding sensation. I feel like a mother about to have her second child... and wondering, "can I possibly love my next child as much as I do my first? Do I have more room and capacity to love and nurture?".... can I love others like I have come to love my Belize City members? If I serve like He has taught me to..... I hope to ever grow in this love for all no matter where I am or what my calling is. How much did I need to go on a mission!!!
I am still so happy happy happy... and learning so much with my new companion and all the daily adventures. haha... oh stories to tell. (To be told when Grandma isn't reading. ;) )
Sister Clark

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