Sunday, December 18, 2011

"It's the Most Woderfull Time of the Year"

What? December? AHHH!! Wha' happened? I keep wishing that this month... just this one time... only this December... would have 60 days. I just... want more time... but it's like trying to hold water it my hands... and it's painful watching slip through my fingers. Way to fast. Yet... I'm still trying to savor every drop... because it is ever so delicious to me. My mission just... because sweeter and more sacred every day.
Being in the same area for so long is not easy... but it is SO good. Especially with this assignment. I am continually so amazed every time I look at the map or open the area book... and see just how many people God has led us to... and to run through all of the stories... and with just about every one of them... there is a tender mercy, precious moment... powerful lesson... astounding change... and in every single one... a building block of my testimony of the Atonement. Sometimes I go a little obsessed and crazy constantly thinking about the HUNDREDS of people we know, love, and are trying to help progress.... it's a never ending concentration of what their needs are... and it's so neat to see how revelation strikes in the most expected and especially unexpected moments. I love feeling the Lord's love for them... and His constant confirmations to me that He knows them and what they need... and that if we keep working and are willing... He will reveal it to us. He's even leading us to find new people to teach.. so we're always teaming up with the Elders and the members... and it's been an awesome experience to see how the Lord uses the right people at the right time.
We saw miracles with Ericka, Sister Smith, T White, Silvia, and Sis. Turner's family.... someday I'll tell you all about it. We had an awesome wedding and baptism of a family.
We're running, (er, pedaling) with everything we've got in this last stretch of Sister Rodas' mission. I love her. Have I mentioned that? I love Christmas even more this year. I think I'm starting to get it. I love love love it. I love you all and you are in my prayers continuously. We are so ridiculously blessed.
Sister Clark

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