Friday, November 11, 2011


I forgot I had even mentioned the hurricane... but thank you so much for all your prayers... it was headed right here... but took a sudden turn and went up to Mexico. All is well here, sorry to get you nervous!
I know I just keep saying over and over again... every week... how the mission is the greatest... how much I love it, how I'm learning and experiencing so much... but I think even an explosive, gushy and drawn out letter every week for 14 months doesn't even come close to truly expressing how precious this time has been for me. It is seriously... the greatest thing I could have done in my life thus far... and my only complaint is that it is flying by too fast.
I LOVED Joel's letter. He is in for a really hard and incredibly special experience. His description is just like Belize. Belize City a lot more founded and has more members.. but the other parts of Belize.. are just about like Joel's little area. It's hard for missionaries... but the work of reactivating and establishing the gospel in little remote areas... is so rewarding for the missionary. It becomes so much more than numbers and throwing people in the water... but to truly establishing Zion... eternal families... and an appreciation for the perfection and inspiration in the organization the church... explodes. One comes to really realize the power of the priesthood... when it's so sparse. Seeing so people that have given up their promised blessings by breaking their covenants... and seeing the devastating and painful results of inactivity and rebellion... does wonders for one's one personal appreciation and loyalty to their own personal covenants.... and opens the vision to see the reality of the Lord's promises in their life.
I can't seem to really find the words right now to even begin to express all that I experienced and felt this week. I just... hope, and am determined... to never be the same again. Not after what I've seen, learned, felt, and experienced here. With so much false doctrine and confusion here... we've met many people that are firm believers that Belize literally what the bible is referring to as "hell". - That's it's in this country where we're living. Yet... not only is that doctrinally false... but even more.. I've had a "waters of mormon" experience like in Mosiah 18, when it speaks of where they had learned the gospel, "How beautiful are they to the eyes of them who there came to the knowledge of their Redeemer." Belize could not be more glorious in my eyes.
- Sista Clak

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