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Like Elder Clark said.... "What a week!" We just heard that we are staying together in Belize City with the same assignment for another change! I think I will end my mission here working with inactives... and I think I would just loooove that. Though people aren't making the instant changes that pray and would hope that they would make... we are seeing daily tender mercies that keep us running (pedaling?) every day.
I added pictures of the Smith family. We were visiting a sister, and she told us of the Smith family down the road that hadn't been to church in.... far too long. We get so excited with such "references"- because for us right now- they are as golden as new investigators! We went to the door... to be greeted by a very unhappy women and an immediate, "no. Nope. No no no. I do not have time for this, I do not want you here, I am not ready for this. Nope". I said a quick prayer... and opened my mouth... and as we talked a little more... she continued to hard... and we had no idea why... but by the end.. she softened a bit, and agreed to think about talking to us in 2 weeks. We left her our number (totally assuming she would burn it afterwards…) and told her to please call us if she ever needed help. We returned 2 weeks later, and she wouldn’t answer the door. We kept praying for her… and passed by many times… with no success. Then.. weeks later… we received a phonecall… from Sister Smith. When she said who it was.. I saw the heavens open… and I tried not to start dancing and shouting! She asked us to visit them the following night. These are pictures of the sweet FHE that we had- and we played the classic flour game. Turns out that this family is INCREDIBLE- that they still have testimonies, but Sister Smith is frustrated because she only has every 7th Sunday off of work… so she packed up the scriptures and put them away. They are such a beautiful family and I have fallen in love.

The family that I had told about before with the 6 beautiful and hungry children and tormented parents… continues keep us running. The father came back… and the mother took off. The father is so broken and hurt…and started talking about doing things that one should never think of… and it was scaring us. We starting leaving him BIG BIG BIG reading assignments… since he doesn’t have work or anything to do… we’ve been leaving him to absorb himself in the scriptures. We have seen such changes in him. I love the scriptures SO much. He finally came to church this Sunday- after months of praying, working, and fasting. I love fasting. I KNOW it works. Sunday was a huge triumph with him and a number of people that came back on Sunday.

Last P-day we had a zone activity and went to the ruins of Lamoni. It was SO neat to the see the work of the posterity of the Lamanites. I feel like I personally know the people in the scriptures… and I was living the dream out there. I added pictures of the Mennonites in their buggies. We passed through their land to get out there. It was in the jungle, so Morgan, I took clips and pictures of the howling monkeys we saw. You would have LOVED it. We saw other tourists and took the opportunity to teach them about the people of the Lamanites and explain to them how important such sites are to us. They were all very interested in the Book of Mormon. I love being a missionary.

I could go on forever more... but time is short and I still need to file nursing stuff. Hardly anyone came to church this last sunday- only the forever devoted ones (I put in a picture of beautiful Brother Wallace Bellgrave- he is a celestial man and deserves a whole seperate letter with what I could rant about him and all that he's taught me)- and our baptismal dates and the ones that are starting to return to church. It was frustrating, because we taught the most lessons in the whole zone, and of my whole mission- we ran ran ran and had so many great lessons and saw progress...... and then I just learn more and more about... hope. I hope to make a difference here. I imagine I'll have another 6 months... so I've been doing a lot of reflecting of how much I need to change and what more I can give to these wonderful people here. Oh how much I love this time of my life. How continually precious it is to me.
Love you all!
Sister Clark

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