Thursday, July 21, 2011

Same ole same ole amazing mission

How beautiful was Elder Clark's letter? He is changing and growing so much... it's like... I'm hearing the person I have always eternally known and loved... and I'm getting to meet him all over again as he is coming out again. Does that make any sense? Let's just say... that singing " Families Can Be Together Forever" has a whole new flavor and feeling to me.

It was a beatiful week. Not without mess ups... frustrations... dissapointment... but sprinkled.. or, soaked, with tender mercies and miracles. Our brother Dion was baptized this week. He is the x-brother-in-law of a sister, Desiree, that had been inactive for 15 years and is living with her. As we began visiting Desiree, we found Dion! Even before teaching him.. the first time I met him... I felt inspired to invite him to be baptized... like... as I was first shaking his hand. - and he said he would pray about it! He was so so so ready for the gospel... it was too easy. He has been studying the scriptures so dilligently EVERY day... and has totally left alcohol and lots of dark parts of his life... and has joyfully stepped into the light. He is so happy. In the process, Desiree has come back to church.. but I mean...she has COME BACK! She is on FIRE! She has totally left alcohol and smoking... and is reading the scriptures and working crazy hard to keep all the commandments. We just baptized her daughter too. They're so happy. In the process of working with them... we found her sister, Rose, who has also been in the traps of smoking and drinking and hardly wanted to see us the first time we visited 6 weeks ago. Yet... it doesn't bother us when people are a bit annoyed at first... we just... keep dropping by... more and more... and... we've started seeing miracles in our Rose. She and her two sisters were like Laman and Lamuel, when it says that they were "past feeling"... but the Lord truly guided us... and after 6 weeks of working with them.... They came this sunday.
We were talking with Rose yesterday... and she said she feels a huge change within herself. She said that as she was sitting in church... that she felt something SO good and SO powerful... and declared that she KNOWS this is the true church (after years of fighting against it...)... and that NOTHING will stop her now. She told her innactive daughters that came that they will start preparing their clothes on friday, and they will cook everything saturday... so that they can stay for all the classes... and that there will be NO excuse or reason not to go. I was in shock...but not that surprised. I know the Lord works miracles. To hear this once darkened and hardened woman say that... is a true miracle. We love them so much.
We are finding so many people...and they tell us... "it's so weird that you would come today... I just told my husband that I we should starting going back to church... do you think the Lord heard me?" ... and we yell, "YES!"

Sister Rodas and I have at least another change here... and we're so glad. Belize is becoming home more and more to me. My perspective is changing... and that is my own personal miracle.
Thank you family for your beautiful letters. I love you all.
Sister Clark

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