Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oh, Thanks!

Thank you so much for the letters, family. I just burst with excitement and joy to read about all the awesome things you're doing, and most of all... your beautiful testimonies. My siblings are the greatest friends I could ever ask or dream of. Though... it wouldn't hurt to hear from Anna Daines someday. she still alive? I sure love her.

This sunday was so much better... as we saw a number of families and many people come back to church... and to see the warm welcome back the members gave them.... to see how happy these branches were to see their long last "family members" return to the fold. We still have so much more work to do... so many lost sheep to find and bring in... and we are itching and running to do it! We are finding part member families and are seeing some serious miracles... as these "impossible" people are actually listening to us... and more than that... are allowing the Spirit to touch them... and their change is visible. We are meeting with families that have hit the year mark since their baptism and are ready for the temple... and I feel so SO SO blessed to be able to help them receive the temple prep classes. We are loving reading and preparing lessons for them.. and my testimony and appreciation of the temple is continuing to blossom. I get so emotional to try to explain to these families what the temple really means for their eternities... because it makes me think of my experiences with my parents... and that just takes the words from me and turns on the water works. I am such a Clark.

I am seriously enjoying my time with Sister Rodas. She has brought so many new traits and flavors to my mission experience... and the Lord continues to spoil me through my companions. She is kind of shy, and is learning english.. but we're seeing miracles and having beautiful experiences with the gift of tongues.

I've been pondering a lot on the Plan of Salvation... one of my favorite mental themes... and it's just more and more perfect to me every day. It reminds me so much of the day when I was entering the MTC... and was saying goodbye to the parents. I will never forget how emotional dad got... and how he struggled to even say, " Be sure to come back. Come back." .... the love that I felt from my dear father... was a pure and blissful sample of the love that my Heavenly Father has for me... and how that moment at the veil may have been with Him. His greatest desire is that we... come back. The commitment I have, and the promise that I made in the beginning of my mission, and every single day... to be perfectly obedient, have success, and return as a new and better person.... is like the promise that we made with our Father as we left His presence to cross the veil and enter this life... as we may have looked into his tear filled eyes and said, "I will. I promise I will come back." I have felt that yearning of our Father for the return of His children so strongly as I am with them... and try to help them remember their promise... and prepare them to make more promises through baptism... and keep their promises by enduring to the end. I want to go back... and I want to see everyone I love there. I know this is more than a crazy and naive fantasy..... I know it is possible. God made it so possible when He sent his beloved Son to the earth for us. How grateful I am for this perfect plan of pure, true, real, and eternal happiness. How grateful I am to know it... have the chance to live it... and better yet- share it here in Belize.

I am loving every day. Hope you all are too. We have no reason not to!
Sista and Hermana Clark

P.S. Did Nana get back safe from China?

Yes Matt, there are TONS of rastas here. They're so bad rad

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