Friday, May 27, 2011

New Zones!

Hi family!!
With the east mission in our zone now... we are now writing on mondays... so here I am with another P-day.... my least favorite day of the week. Yet, that gives me another chance to drop a quick note.

I´m starting to see some of the reasons that I am in the area still, even though I was not the most qualified to have charge of it. President Lopez requested of the president of the East mission, President Perez, that he send his best to come do the transition of the zone... and President Perez requested of President Lopez that he leave those that could fully help with the change. So... the reason that I get to stay... is because I needed to be with some of THE BEST missionaries of the 2 missions... and not even a week in to the transfer... and I feel SO fortified and inspired to be with some ridiculously powerful, focused, and well trained missionaries. Our first zone meeting left us all running out of the building to get working those miracles and baptizing the world!! :) I feel so blessed to be able to learn from everyone around me... and obviously the Lord knew that Hermana Clark needed to learn a thing or 105 from missionaries like them. It´s gonna be a good transfer. No... it`s going to be an INCREDIBLE transfer.

I got a call at 6 this morning... with an announcement that one of our investigadors is ready to get baptized this saturday! GOOOOOD MORNING! :) An answer to months of prayers from many missionaries... and I`m blessed to see the answer.

Hermana Hernandez from Guatamala rocks my world. She`s had so many great experiences... and the chance to study with her gets me showering quicker so that we can start sooner. I LOVE it.

I guess if anyone has wondered what happened with wonderful magical Elsy...... she doesn`t answer our calls and doesn`t answer the door when her husband is home. He has her so trapped and scared... we just passed by the other night, and her 5 year old son was at the window and mouthed to us to be quite... and with terror in his eyes, he wispered, ¨He`s here.¨ It breaks my heart. I love her SO much and refuse to give up on her.
Jorge and Rosa keep progressing and learning and are increasingly happier and more faithful. It is SO SO SO cool! Yet... as always... when a family is going to be completed and obey the commandments, and be eternal, and all that happy business...... Satan has to come and TRY to ruin it all. Jorge is trying to get information and documents from his angry crazy exwife, that isn`t his ¨exwife¨yet.... but last time he tried... she called the police on him... and it was a lot of drama. Their faith and hope has really inspired me. I really ask myself would my hope and faith be in their situation with the lack of work, housepayments, and obstacles to do what is most important to them- get baptized. Yet... we continue to fast and pray... and they are SO strong. It blows me away. Like I`ve said all along... and especially now with even greater conviction...... I want to be like them.

As my testimony of the Restoration has grown, so has my understanding and belief of the Apostasy. We are constantly meeting good, faithful people, who are consciously and unconsiously confused and blinded by the incredible false doctrine that we are swimming in here. There is a church here that they call by the name of the guy that make it. For example... they call it ¨The church of Tom¨ - and it makes me feel so dark and wierd inside to hear about it... but everyone loves it because he teaches the people that they don`t have to anything for salvation- that we don`t even have to get baptized! In my head I call it, ¨The Church of Nehor¨- because there couldn`t be a more applicable name. I`ve made a list of some of the false doctrine that is being taught here... that makes me all the more grateful for the clear evidence that the Lord loves and really does want to teach us His pure, simple, clear, and precious truths through His prophets. I know that the Lord has such a perfect and beautiful plan for us... and that he WANTS to teach us. He WANTS us to understand it all. He WANTS it to make sense... but it can`t possibly make sense and be logical if we have hard hearts and don`t have a desire to LIVE it.

I keep reminded myself the words of Joseph Smith, that no unhallowed hand will stop His work from progressing... because I feel so inadequate... but I know that even my stupidity and falts can`t fully impede the work. We are seeing such progress even in the last few days. Even this week the Lord has blessed us to find more families... and my excitement for this transfer has just exploded. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a missionary, huh?

Hermana Clark
P.S. Haley- I LOVE LOVE LOVE your letters!! Keep them coming! I will be writing a letter to you and Marcy and the family. I`m horrible and writing letters- here and always.... but it will be done! Love you!

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