Saturday, March 19, 2011

Las Palmeras

Hello from Las Palmeras!

I´m here in my new area, Las Palmeras. Since we´re the office missionaries we have our pdays on fridays. So... I will now be writing on Pdays for... who knows how long! My new beloved and powerhouse companion is Hermana Woods from Arizona- who has been the nurse for the last little while. My fears of doing the changes alone are assuaged... because we know that we´ll be together next change too as we get a new mission president... and the ¨El Salvador San Salvador West/Belize mission¨ becomes the ¨El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize Mission¨ because we´re giving our east part to the El Salvador East mission. Did that makes any sense? Anyways... I feel better knowing that I won´t be left out to dry next change... and for that I am VERY content. Yet... I have a million reasons to be happy. Hermana Woods has more than put the wind in my sails... she has installed high powered motor... and we are full of fuel and ready to burn!! We also have with us Hermana Allen from Victor, Idaho right from the MTC who is also bitting at the bit to go!! Woohoo!!! Hermana Allan also graduated from BYUI before me in nursing... and she will be the next nurse after me. SO... I get to be trained from a really organized and motivated nurse... and I don´t have to be the nurse forever... because there will be another ready to take the baton after me!! Could my life be any better?

It was ridiculously painful to leave Pajonal and Candelaria. I still feel like a big chunk of my heart is still there..... but I have hope and faith that it will catch up with the rest of my body here in San Salvador soon enough. Monday night we got to have a family home evening with Carolina and Herardo to be in their home one last time. We did the glowstick testimony lesson... and they were super stoked on it too! :) It was such a tender mercy to be with them that night and listen to them just rant about how different their life is... and how happy they are! They report very excitedly that they aren´t watching TV on sundays, that their kids are attending seminary, and that they have paid their tithing. That familiar swelling and near explosion in my heart came again as I listened to them talk about how much more peaceful and happy their little home is... and that they are so grateful that we didn´t leave them... and most of all- that the Lord didn´t give up on them. They have changed SO MUCH. From being obstanant and difficult... to so submissive and eager to obey the Lord.... they recognize the miracles and blessings they´re recieving.. and are SO ANXIOUS to share it with others. They´re a top source of references in Candelaria right now. Oh how I love being a missionary! I almost hope, and yet don´t hope... that all transfers are as hard as that one was. I hope they will be...because it means that I have loved and have learned in my area... and that I am leaving family.

Yet... my heartache, though not forgotten... is not a main focus now. Our companionship is so focused on being COMPLETELY obedient and working with EVERYTHING we have.. that it´s not hard to totally focus on my new area. The last few nights I have once again returned to the house with aching feet and totally tired.... and it feels SO good. I feel so blessed to have this time with Hermana Woods and Allen- and already they are pushing me to be my best.... and we know that we´re going to see miracles this change.

The city is such a different life... I don´t think I´ll ever prefer it to the country... but I am happy to be here. We live with another companionship in the house- with Hermana Ramirez (I was with her in a trio my first 3 weeks) and Hermana Perez, both from Guatamala. We have a washingmachine and dryer (that alone will TOTALLY change my life.) But... we don´t have water from 6am to 9pm... so we fill up a basin and buckets at night and use bowels to shower in the morning. That makes me feel more at home... so I am happy and comfortable. :)

Love you all!
Hermana Clark

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