Saturday, November 6, 2010


We were having a meeting with our ward mission leader... and we were at a new convert´s house. She was being so nice and made us a snack...dinner...? She put in front of each of us... two of my favorite kind of sandwhich.............. white white white processed bread... with plenty of mayonaise, bologne, and my favorite processed American plastic cheese. -uhoh.
I was/am SO determined not to be offensive with my compulsions... but this was... a lot to handle. Some of my top loathings... all on one plate... and in plenty. I wasn´t even remotely hungry...but I was determined to try. I became flustered, diaphoretic... so hot and clammy... trying to get myself to pick it up and take a bit. Painful... but I did. I was immediately nausious... and did NOT know how I was going to eat two. I tried to play it cool... show no such inner struggle... but after 30 minutes and only two bits taken... and I was sweating (which I don´t even sweat during these hot hot days when everyone else is dripping... and suddenly I´m sweating in the cool of the night... suspicious) anyways... they all thought I was sick... and I didn´t know what to do. I could hear mom in my head, ¨EAT IT. Don´t be so rude! You are SO silly!¨.... but... AHHHH!!!! When the host had left... my Guatamalan Comp grabbed it and ate them two days later. Gosh I am silly. I really am trying so hard not to be a spoiled American girl..... trying.

Speaking of the weather... haha... CRAZY! I have not found it THAT hot or THAT humid. We´re out of the ¨wet season¨- or... so they say. Yet, I´m learning never to leave without an umbrella. Yesterday we were leaving an appointment... and it had been the hottest and sunniest day thus far for me..... when the moment we opened the door.... SO QUICKLY... it went dark- just like someone had turned the light switch..... and it just started DUMPING. It was windy, lightening, thunder, and POURING. I have NEVER seen a storm like that, or any change in weather that rapid. We say the weather in Spokane is unpredictable...but WOAH. I heard today that there was an earthquake- and that such weather changes happen when there´s an earthquake. I felt nothing besides being wet. Best part of it- we had planned and were excited to go contacting for that time. haha.... it was SO fun. Good thing I love the rain and don´t melt.

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